Add dynamic content to your website

We can add dynamic content and database connectivity to your web pages using a variety of technologies including ASP, DHTML, Java applets, JavaScript, JSP, MySQL, Perl, and PHP.

Extend your website to allow users to interact with its contents, search for information, and find out more about your products.

If you need some help to extend your basic website to deliver dynamic content, contact Aardsoft Consulting now.

On-line trading

Are you thinking about extending your existing website to sell your products on-line? An on-line store, open 24 hours a day, fully integrated into your existing business infrastructure. We can offer independent advice, guidance, and implementation skills in all aspects of eBusiness including a shopping cart, a secure checkout facility with online credit card processing, and web marketing.

According to government research (April 2002), 62% of adults in the UK have used the Internet, over 45% of households have Internet access, and 95% of businesses are now connected. 48% of Internet users now buy goods and services on-line. In November 2002, business to consumer on-line sales in the UK totalled nearly 1.5 billion. Forecasts predict the total value of all on-line sales in the UK could reach more than 250 billion by 2005!

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